Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another refrigerator picture

So the right side of my refrigerator has the obligatory magnet letters that almost every family of a small child is required to have.
we also have the leapster toy that pronounces the letters so Sabrina is learning really quickly.
Of course it is Christmas time and I decorated the kitchen with gingerbread people. The gingerbread man on the frig is an oven mit...and if you look closely to the right you can see a picture of a boy scout.....Yes folks, that is Frank Kemper and his picture sent to us when he became an Eagle Scout. It has a place of honor on our frig as the only other picture besides immediate family.
Way to go Frankie.

If you look just above the gingerbread oven mitt and slightly to the left you can see a small magnet of my little girls when they were three months old.....

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Sue said...

Your fridge is MUCH neater than mine!