Monday, May 21, 2007

The Princess

Medieval Festival

We all went to a Medieval Festival on Saturday. I can't show my daughters but how about a picture of her from the back
She was the prettiest princess there. Of course we were walking around quoting all the lines from Monty Python or any other
English type movie that would fit.
At one point I said out loud..."Bring me a shrubbery." and some one else shouted out "Neee".
Guess you had to be there.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

A wonderful Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there in the world.
We had a quite day and went out for a nice lunch.
I was suppose to get breakfast in bed but Lief was taping a car race and I couldn't watch TV
so he said he'd bring me the paper.
but by the time he got up I had been awake for a half hour tossing and turning because I just
could not stay in bed any longer.
So I got up and helped with the girls. He still made breakfast but I ate in the kitchen.
Such is the life of a many of you can stay in bed in the mornings.....?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Finding a place

Well today I volunteered to be the PTA Treasurer at my daughter's school. The school is for
special needs children in preschool to kindergarten. Actually kids are there from ages 3 to age 7
depending on their abilities. There is actually an entire special needs campus. They are able to
help children from ages 3 to age 21 with school, and all therapies. There is even a school just for
kids with behavioral needs.
Each time I meet a new mom and hear about their families and their challenges, I realized how lucky and
blessed we are.

As for little Sabrina...her allergies were so bad the other night, she had a bloody nose at 3am. All over the
sheets and her stuffed animals. Luckily the bleeding was able to be stopped and the sheets, blankets and
animals were all successfully cleaned. Unfortunately, I spent the night on the couch with her. Or should I
say she slept on the couch, I was half on the couch and half on the hassock. The goal this weekend is
to clean out the fourth bedroom and buy a bed to use when the girls get sick...and as a guest room.