Monday, December 31, 2007

So raise a glass...have some fun...and when you have a moment....say a prayer for our angel Kelly.

So I know I haven't posted in quite a while and I've got good reason, as we all do....LIFE.
I posted that they were considering Kelly to have Donnai Barrow Syndrome...well while looking at that,
genetics was able to confirm she does have Rett's Syndrome and probably has a second syndrome, maybe Donnai or another that they might not be able to confirm.
Having a diagnosis is good in that it can make sure we are following up on areas of Kelly's health that could become a concern in the future that may not be causing her a problem now, like heart arithymias (sp), seizures and scoliosis.
The flip side of the coin is all that could go wrong and not knowing, all that other children and women are going through and visualizing these things happening to Kelly. It's easy for others to say, you can't compare or don't worry yet....please....
you can't help but worry and its only human to compare.
Its new years eve and while others are celebrating the possibilities, I'm terrified of them. Of course, this diagnosis is new to us and we are still trying to deal with it and how we are to live our lives and raise our other daughter Sabrina...Sorry for the grim
or some what negative posting. I needed to vent a little.
So raise a glass, have some fun and ...when you have a moment....say a little prayer for our angel...Kelly...