Monday, March 24, 2008

Time flies

Wow its almost a month since my last blog...wait it is exactly a month. shame on me.
Not a lot to report. The girls loved going on easter egg hunts this weekend. and Kelly climbed up and slide down the ladder at our little community park. Daddy was so proud. She kept going and going like a little energizer bunny.

Next weekend I'm going to meet a whole bunch of families living in Rettland. Thats where we all live now that one of our angels has Rett Syndrome. There is a retreat at a NJ hotel and we can stay over or not and meet and greet and try to relax. Well at least I'll meet and greet. Relaxing will be for the following weekend when myself and a few girls are going to Hershey PA for the night and soak up a little chocolate relaxation.

Wow, this is really sounding boring and I need to get to sleep before Kelly decides she doesn't want to. I'll try to write again when things are a bit more interesting.