Monday, July 21, 2008

He's fine....I think

Lief called and is OK but boy it did not sound like him at all. I know that the anesthesia is probably messing with his throat but when you hear an entirely different male voice on the phone saying Hey baby I love you... .its pretty spooky.

a nervous day

I am trying to fill my day with mundane routine things...I can't work on anything really important because I can't concentrate...Lief is at the hospital for a second surgery on his shoulder from the car accident he and Sabrina had a year and a half ago. I know he'll be fine but I'm so nervous until I hear his voice and the dr's tell me he's OK...I'll be jittery all day.
I dropped him off at the hospital at 9:40am and surgery was scheduled for 11:45am.
I know he went into surgery but each time I call the hospital...all they can tell me is he's not down in same day surgery suite yet which is normal...he has to have surgery, then recovery, then back to the surgery suite....but I'm nervous all the same.
You should have seen the way I jumped when the phone rang before. It was Joey. He's going to pick Lief up and bring him home which is good so the girls did not have to stay at the hospital all day. but Kelly did have to miss school. I didn't have anyone to take her and drop her off at 9:20AM when I had to be at the hospital an hour away at 9:45AM...I'll let you know how things so...keep a good thought.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kelly slept 12 hours

So Kelly was so exhausted being in her new bed and up at 2:30 am on Sunday morning, that she slept 12 hours last night.. woo hoo....
She is so cute sitting in her bed in the morning, smiling and playing with her pillows,....she really likes it.

she also returns to school tomorrow. We met her teacher today and one of the classroom aides. They were very nice. Each semester her therapy team seems to change too. Now she has a new PT, new OT and new speech therapist....but she loves school no matter what. She had a blast just for the few minutes we were there. Sabrina loves to visit her school too and play with the other classmates and the toys.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

View of bed with gates open....

The bed has a triangle pillow under the mattress for Kelly's reflux.

Kelly's adapted bunk bed

I will try to post pictures of Kelly's bunk bed with the customer railing we had made.
I'd be glad to forward pictures directly to any one interested just give me your email.