Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Next step....allergist

So Kelly is doing fantastic. She took 24 steps without her leg braces last night. Despite being autistic, developmentally delayed, no speech at all, hypotonia (low muscle tone) and as of yet an undiagnosed genetic disorder she is very happy....but her reflux came back in January. She spits up or at times, throws up after eating.
And after drinking even if it is hours after eating. The pediatrician and G/I doctor don't believe she has allergies and I don't know if she does but I'm going to go and check it out. Milk and wheat are in almost everything and nothing seems to help her.
The medicine is almost useless by the end of the day. Surgery is not being considered unless she starts to get pneumonia from swallowing food into her lungs or if she persistantly losses weight. Whereas she's not losing, she's not gaining at this point either.
Sabrina has hit the terrible threes. At the store today, a lady commented on "What a nice little girl!" Sabrina replied, "I'm not nice!" I think that says it all.
Life goes on...How is everyone else in the world doing?

Friday, April 20, 2007

Hi everyone

Nothing too exciting to report....It's my birthday and I got breakfast in bed.
Unfortunately I was already up because Kelly was crying for me but once she calmed down
I went back to bed, watched a landscaping show and ate a peaceful breakfast.
It was very nice.
Steaks on the grill for dinner...yum and what beautiful weather..
Thank you God for such a wonderful day and family....not necessary in that order.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another test passed

Well, Kelly and I spend most of Tuesday at the hospital for an endoscopy test to check to see if she had an problems internally causing her reflux. Everything looked pink and healthy. The procedure itself took three minutes but we were there nearly six hours. She screamed everytime someone touched her, especially because she was so hungry. She hates having any one try to take her blood pressure. I told them it wouldn't work. They never listen. BUT....she is extremely happy usually and is walking all over the place now with her leg braces. She went back to school with no problems after being off for spring break. Yeah for Kelly...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The kids are still asleep....

Wow it's 8 am and both girls are still asleep. This may not seem like an event to post on a blog to the average person but to a mom of twin three year olds its heaven. I just got's Saturday. No one has to be any where. LIef is off of work this week.
The sun is shining. I think I'll plant my tomatoes and herbs today.....Yeah spring.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nothing much new

Today I took the girls to the hospital while Kelly had her six month hearing test. Everything is fine as much as you can test a three year old. They want some type of OAV test but she would have to be sedated as she has to hold still for two minutes.
What three year old can hold still that long, not considering she's autistic.
Kelly was off of school this week so we had her eye dr appointment and hearing test and Sabrina had a dentist appointment.
Let's see we have an endoscopy scheduled at the hospital on Tuesday and the new GI doctor the following Thursday. Seems like we're going to doctors twice a week again. Ah..this too shall pass.

Oh yeah Sue, I thought Thor knew quite a bit of dialogue too but I wouldn't know if he were wrong or not.
I think it's time for a Monthy Python party and this holy Grail (HE HE). Bring me a shrubbery.....

Run Away........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Epi...we miss you

Must see video

OK, I'm going to try to link this video so any one can view it.

click here
The video is called....The way my brother loves me...
Ok so I don't know how to link yet....I'll get there.
If you know any one with autism, try to see this video.

My First Post

OK So I now have a do you drive this thing?
I was motivated to start this blog because of a beautiful video I saw about
two brothers, one with autism. I wanted to share this with others but didn't
want to annoy my friends by sending it to them. This way, if I can figure out how
to add it to the blog you can see it if you want.