Thursday, March 5, 2009

the thankful list

My list of things to be thankful for:
1. My husband...he gave me back my dreams when I didn't think I could dream for much.
2. My kids...for making my dreams a reality. I really love this mom gig. Sabrina for challenging me to be a better mom, to be able to juggle car pool, housework, paperwork and remember that its most important to play. Kelly, for the unending smiles, and total love and optimism in her eyes. I want to be a better person for her.
3. My my house...hope we can afford to stay here.
4. My friends and guys are the best....especially when you let me drone on and on about #1 and #2.
5. them and their unwaivering devotion. I still miss Epi.
6. Flowers....the best thing about nature. Love their color, most of the time their fragrance and the way they can brighten up a room.
7. My car....I think I'd go nuts if I couldn't get out of the house.
8. Music...I love the way it can take me away or take me back at any moment in time.
9. Being an American...despite the problems we face every day I don't think I'd rather live in any other country.
10. For my faith in times waivering and at times strong...thankful for it being there when I need it...(ok...this should be higher than dogs.)
11. For reality can get me through a bad day to watch like a zombie at night.
12. For my kids pediatrician...he's been wonderful and supportive and calming....
13. For teachers and therapists that really care. They have really been a Godsend. in my life.
14. For Kathy Hunter, IRSF, NJRSA and all those fighting for a cure for Rett Syndrome, especially Dr. Percy, Jane Lane, and Dr. Shishadri..who personally take care of Kelly.
15. For double chocolate chip cookies...nuff said.
16. For coffee.
17. For computers.
18. For my somewhat slipping but always needing to be depended on, intelligence.
19. For the occassional ability to just let things slide....I need more of this in my life.
20. For my health and the health of my family (this should also be up higher on the list.....ok....this is a go with the flow type of thing....not in the proper order of priorities at all.)
21. For Santa Claus...gotta love the Christmas holidays... and those times that I really get in the spirit.


Sue said...

YAY! You posted, and it's a lovely one!

Doesn't it make you feel really happy to think of all the good things???

And what difference does it make, if you choose not to think about the bad things until you really need to? Sometimes you need to think about the bad times, but not this minute...

Santa Claus should definitely be added to my list too :D and what about Easter eggs, and marshmallow peeps???

Beth said...

thanks for the post...I should try posting this once a week for whatever good things did happen that me to keep things in focus even if its boring reading to others.

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Great list - and also reminded me of all I have to be thankful for!!

Anonymous said...

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